About old

The vision of Blockchain Asset Management is to take a long-term approach while capitalizing on small to medium risk with high reward opportunities, while managing these risks through futures and options.

Fundamental Long

This sector of the strategy focuses on value-accruing digital assets based on the networks’ crypto-economics, total addressable market, and future demand. Furthermore, decentralized finance (DeFi), and currencies that have the potential to be the blueprint of how we do business and finance in the future. This strategy goes beyond simply holding long-term assets, we let our investments passively work for us to generate inflationary rewards, known as staking.

Actively Managed

Our actively managed portfolios pair long-term fundamental analysis with technical analysis. Our portfolio managers and trading team focus on potential opportunities in the market that revolve around news and event driven price movement, arbitrage, and short-term technical analysis.

Risk Management

The cornerstone of our investment approach revolves around risk management.  While the fund focuses on long exposure to outperform the core index, we also utilize a mix of fiat, options, futures and stablecoins when significant volatility or downside is expected in the market.