The BAM Strategy

At BAM, our carefully designed investing blueprint holds risk management at the forefront. With a short-term actively managed mindset and a long-term fundamental value perspective, we hold our client’s best interests in mind as we execute sound thought out investments in order to capitalize on the ever evolving world of digital investments.

Through the use of futures and options, Blockchain Asset Management holds its vision of taking a long-term approach centered around capitalizing on small to medium risks with high-reward outcomes.

At its core, BAM focuses on three essential investment strategies

Fundamental Long

This strategy sector focuses on value-accruing digital assets based on the networks’ crypto-economics, total addressable market, and future demand. Decentralized finance (DeFi) and currencies have the potential to be the blueprint of how we do business and finance in the future. This strategy goes beyond simply holding long-term assets.

Actively Managed

Our actively managed portfolios pair long-term fundamental analysis with technical analysis. Our portfolio managers and trading team focus on potential opportunities in the market that revolve around news and event driven price movement, arbitrage, and short-term technical analysis.

Risk Management

The cornerstone of our investment approach revolves around risk management. While the fund focuses on long exposure to outperform the core index, we also utilize a mix of fiat, options, futures and stablecoins when significant volatility or downside is expected in the market.

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Q. What is Blockchain Asset Management?

A Blockchain Asset Management company is a business that uses blockchain technology to manage assets. This can include digital assets such as cryptocurrencies, as well as traditional assets such as stocks, bonds, and real estate.

Q. What are the benefits of using our services?

Blockchain can improve security, transparency, and efficiency in asset management.

Q. How Does Blockchain Asset Management Work?

Blockchain technology uses an immutable distributed ledger system, meaning each entry in the blockchain cannot be changed or altered once entered.

Q. What are some of the use cases for Blockchain Asset Management?

Blockchain Asset Management can be used for a variety of use cases, including managing digital assets, managing physical assets, and managing investment portfolios.

Q. What are the future trends for BAM?

The future trends for Blockchain Asset Management are expected to include: Increased adoption, New use cases, and Improved regulation.

Q. How does Blockchain Asset Management differ from traditional asset management?

Blockchain Asset Management companies use blockchain technology to manage assets, while traditional asset management companies use more traditional methods.